What do I need to know about the payment methods provided with "Advanced Subscription"?

The "Advanced Subscription" module has been developed in order to automate order creation and their associated payment. The challenge was that this automation does not require any action from the customers or any implementation of a bank data securing process from the merchant on his server.

Knowing that standard PrestaShop payment modules (bank transfer, check) aren’t able to manage mutiple debit orders after a single authorization, we had to create a module dedicated to recurring payments. Among all the financial partners authorizing this payment process, we had to make a choice because the technical implementation being different for each partner, it was impossible to create a "unique" module, working for any partner.

We therefore selected Stripe and PayPlug. These are both major electronic payment operators. They are recognized worldwide and allow automatic debit through the registration, in a totally secure way, of your customers' banking information. We have created two versions of "Stripe" and "PayPlug" modules dedicated to the creation of recurring orders and integrated them into the "Advanced Subscription" module. 

However, to give you total freedom and so that "traditional" payment methods are still possible, we have also integrated extensions of the standard PrestaShop payment modules (Bank transfer, Payments by check) and a cash on delivery module, so that the recurring creation of orders works even if these payment methods are used. However, with these "standard" methods, the payment will not be automatic since they do not allow the registration of banking information. Your customer will have to validate his payment himself at each due date.


Thus, among the payment modules offered in "Advanced Subscription", we strongly recommend the use of the "Stripe" or "PayPlug" module because, in addition to being configured to create orders in a recurring manner, these modules allow automatic recurring debits, unlike the bank transfer, check payment or cash on delivery modules. However, they both require an upstream subscription to Stripe and PayPlug(*) services. You can find more information on their prices on their respective websites (see Stripe pricing, see PayPlug pricing)



The list of payment methods available for subscriptions is not static. We are continually working to add more to better meet your needs and those of your customers. 

If you want to use a financial operator other than Stripe or PayPlug, you can contact your bank e-commerce technical service to ask them if they have an equivalent offer (customer credit card tokenization, with variable frequency and amounts). Once you’ve gotten this confirmation, you will have to contact a developper who will have to create a recurring payment module compatible with "Advanced Subscription" and that matches with your bank specifications. Upon request, we can provide you with a payment module template compatible with "Advanced Subscription".

Attention: some banking players such as PayPal refuse to offer recurring payments with variable amounts, which prevents us from integrating this payment method.


(*)To be able to manage recurring payments via PayPlug, you will have to subscribe at least to PayPlug's "Pro" offer.

No you can't. Only payment modules provided with "Advanced Subscription" allow the creation of recurring orders. Indeed, these integrate specific processes that are not supported by the payment modules not implemented in the module. It is therefore not possible to use another payment module installed on your store and not delivered with the "Advanced Subscription" module, because it will not have been technically modified to create recurring orders. Note that the Stripe and Payplug modules delivered with Advanced Subscription allow not only the creation of recurring orders but also the automatic payment at each due date.

No, you can't. The "Stripe" and "PayPlug" payment modules delivered with "Advanced Subscription" cannot be used for regular orders (not going through the Advanced Subscription processes). If you want to use Stripe (or PayPlug) for regular orders as well, you will need to install a dedicated Stripe (or PayPlug) payment module.

We choose these partners because they have highly secure infrastructures (certified PCI Level 1, that is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry), because they strictly comply with regulations and because they are used by the most important e-commerce sites. In addition to being secure, these payment solutions have the advantage of being inexpensive.

Moreover, on the customer's side, they considerably reduce transaction execution time. Not only do Stripe and PayPlug integrate seamlessly into the payment process, they also securely store bank details, saving your customers from having to re-enter their bank details for each purchase. As far as subscriptions are concerned, your customers will not have to return to your shop to pay for their order at each due date, since the debit will be made automatically.


You can find more information on their prices on their respective websites.

Please note that in order to be able to use the PayPlug solution for recurring payments, you will have to subscribe at least to the "Pro" offer.