How to set up the automatic sending of email notifications to your subscribers?

You have the possibility to send e-mail notifications to your subscribers automatically, a few days before the renewal date, inviting them to check that their next order matches their expectations. This e-mail will also notify them if one of the products is unavailable, give them the possibility to postpone the next delivery (if you have allowed it) or to change the frequency of their subscription.

To set this automatic notifications:

1/ In the "Rules" tab of the module configuration, scroll down to the "Notification rules" section and enable the automatic notification e-mails:



Indicate how many days before the renewal date you want the notification e-mail to be sent and the time of sending. You can also choose to send the e-mail on the Friday before the renewal date if the latter falls on a weekend. Don't forget to save.


2/ Next, you must create a scheduled task (CRON task) to allow the module to create repeat orders and send notifications to your subscribers. We recommend that you run this automated task on the same web server on which your PrestaShop is installed. The URL to be used when installing the automated task on your server can be found in the "Cron Tasks" tab of the module configuration:



For your information, here are the templates of the e-mails proposed by the module, in addition to the classic e-mails sent during the order and delivery processes:


All e-mails are based on PrestaShop's default templates and can be modified in the folder: modules/pm_subscription/mails/en (/es for Spanish, /it for Italian, ...).