What to do if I get an error while generating a sitemap (with Google sitemap module)?

When generating a sitemap with the "Google Sitemap" module, you may get this type of error:


Uncaught PrestaShopException: Dispatcher::createUrl() miss required parameter "id_seo" for route "module-pm_advancedsearch4-seo"


This error is generated because the "Google Sitemap" module does not take into account any parameters that may be required by the different modules. You could very well encounter the same problem with other modules than ours, whose controllers have mandatory parameters (like id_seo in our case).

In order to correct this, you must exclude the controllers related to our Advanced Search 4 module by checking them in the configuration of your sitemap module:

These are the ones prefixed with "pm_advancedsearch4_" :



Advanced Search 4 has its own sitemap in the module folders that is linked to the PrestaShop one.