What is Performance mode?

The module's Performance mode allows a drastic reduction of the quantity of processing done by the module to display splitted products, by trading results consistency for speed, and only under certain circumstances:

- The product listing must be managed by a module using the "productSearchProvider" hook
- This module must neither be Advanced Search (or its Pro variant), nor Products by Attributes itself (can happen when you enable the "Display products from subcategories" option)

The most common case being the display of the product listing by the native faceted search module (Faceted Search).
When Performance mode is disabled, the module will receive from Faceted Search the list of products to display, and we will perform a new request to get all of the products from all pages, then perform the split, sort products again using the configured products sort of your shop and splitted combinations sort set in our configuration, before returning a new product listing...
This method guarantee consistency, since all of the information for all products to display are fetched, but it generates a lot of processing.

With Performance mode enabled, Products by Attributes will only work with the received products from the current page, and will only apply a split on the eligible products, and then return the X first products based on your shop's setting.