How to make product recommendations appear on the shopping cart page?

If you do not see the product suggestions on the shopping cart page, it is possible that the file "shopping-cart.tpl" of your theme is not compliant.

Indeed, on the shopping cart page, our module is connected to the "HOOK_SHOPPING_CART_EXTRA" (in 1.6) or "SHOPPINGCART" (in 1.7) hook of the "shopping-cart.tpl" (in 1.6) or "cart.tpl" (in 1.7) file of your theme. But if this hook is absent from the template file, the module cannot display product recommendations.

This hook must necessarily be present in the "shopping-cart.tpl" (or "cart.tpl") file of your theme, as it is in the default theme of PrestaShop ("default-bootstrap" theme in 1.6 and "Classic" theme in 1.7). If this hook is absent from this file, you must report it to the creator of your theme, or report this hook yourself in the file, inspired by the PrestaShop default theme.