Where can I find my products' repairability scores?

The repairability score of a product is assigned by the manufacturer. The latter establishes a score out of 10 from a list of criteria defined by ministerial decree.

To learn more about the manufacturer's calculation of the score, go here.


To find out a product's repairability score, start by checking the product packaging. Indeed, some manufacturers put the index on it.

If it is not present on the packaging, ask the manufacturer for it. Indeed, according to article 16 of the French law relating to the fight against waste and the circular economy:

"Le fabricant ou l'importateur est chargé de mettre ces informations à la disposition du public par voie électronique, dans un format aisément réutilisable et exploitable par un système de traitement automatisé sous une forme agrégée. Un accès centralisé à ces données peut être mis en place par l'autorité administrative selon des modalités précisées par décret."

which can be translated by: "The manufacturer or importer shall be responsible for making this information available to the public by electronic means, in a format that is easily reusable and usable by an automated processing system in an aggregated form. Centralized access to this data may be set up by the administrative authority according to procedures specified by decree."

You can also go to https://www.indicereparabilite.fr/ which lists some index values.


Please also note that as a seller, you must inform your visitors (e.g. in your T&Cs) about the parameters for calculating the score, provided by the manufacturer.

Indeed, according to article 16 of the law relating to the fight against waste and the circular economy:

"Le vendeur met également à la disposition du consommateur les paramètres ayant permis d'établir l'indice de réparabilité du produit, par tout procédé approprié."

which can be translated by: "The seller shall also make available to the consumer the parameters that made it possible to establish the repairability score of the product, by any appropriate process."

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