Can I modify my shared menu for a particular shop?

Once your menu is shared between several shops (see this FAQ for the method), whatever the context in which you will place yourself afterwards (only one of the shops concerned or a group of them), if you modify menu items (tabs, columns, groups, items), they will be modified for all the shops concerned by this shared menu, even if you are in the context of a single shop.

Indeed, when you create a menu from a multiple context ("All Shops" or a group of shops), each of the objects making up your menu is associated with all the ID of the selected group's shops. The menu is therefore linked to the context in which it is created and it is therefore not possible to modify its items for a single shop in particular.



If you select the context of a particular shop, for example your "Shop 1" and you change the colors of a tab previously created in the "All Shops" context then the color will be changed on all your shops even if you are in the particular context of your "Shop 1".


The only way to modify the menu for a single shop is to delete this menu in the "All Shops" context (or in the context of the relevant group of shops) by deleting each menu item (tabs, columns, groups, items), then place you in the context of the particular shop and create a menu for that shop.

We are aware of the workload this can represent, but there is currently no simple solution. This constraint is linked to the organization of the data model of the PrestaShop multi-shop mode management that we depend on as module editors for this solution.


On the other hand, by placing yourself in the particular context of a shop, you have the possibility to create new tabs that will be added to the shared menu but only for this shop. These custom tabs for a particular shop can be modified later either by placing you in the context of the shop in question, or by placing you in the "All Shops" context. Changes made to these additional tabs (and the items they contain) will only apply to that shop.

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