How is a pack order displayed in the back office?

When a pack is purchased, our "Advanced Pack 5" module replaces the "pack" "product" with the products that make it up in the details of the order. You can then directly visualize the details of the ordered products.


A customer purchase a pack containing the products: "Canon EOS 100D", "Sirui T-025X, "SanDisk Extreme SDHC". When you display the details of the order in the back office you see directly the products ordered:



This allows an automatic update of the stocks of each product included in the pack: when a pack composed of products 1, 2 and 3 is ordered, the stocks of products 1, 2 and 3 are automatically decremented. This allows you to have a correct management of your stocks, as in the case of a single product order.

This also makes it possible to manage products with different VAT rates within the same pack: the invoice corresponding to the purchase of the pack will detail the different rates applied to the different products in the pack, as if they had been purchased individually.

To know how the order is managed in database, click here.


However, in order to help you in the preparation of your orders, it is possible, as an option, to prefix the titles of the products of a pack, by the term "Pack" followed by the ID of the pack.

Example: the "Canon EOS 100D" product included in the pack of ID 114 will be titled: "Pack 114 - Canon EOS 100D"


To do this, go to the "Configuration" tab and scroll down to the "Specific settings" section. Activate the option "Add the prefix "Pack -" on each product name" :



This can be useful, depending on the type of pack, if for example you want to create a special packaging for the products that are part of a pack.

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