Can I place an order of a pack through my back office?

Our module does not currently allow the creation of a pack order from the back office.

The only solution at the moment is to log in from the customer's account to place the order. As you don't necessarily have access to your customer's password, we provide you with a small additional module (free of charge) that will allow you to connect in the place of this customer, with his authorization, to place the order in his place, without having to ask him for his password.

You will find the module as a free download here:

Install the module and proceed as follows:

Display the file of your customer in your back office by clicking on the three little dots and on "View":



Scroll down to the bottom of the window and click on the "Connect as NAME + Firstname of your customer" button:



You are then automatically logged in to your customer's session. Click on "View my shop" on the top right to go to the front office of your store:



Check that you are connected with the account of your customer and place the order. Then do not forget to sign out.

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